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North Carolina Questions
Q: Why do it take so long for people at dss to answer pjone it took me no lie from 17 of feb til 28 then 430 automtic machine real lazy (Randolph )
by confused
Q: I have been waiting on my food stamps since november and still Havent got nothing and the people from the dss never call me back is there and thing i could do? (Mecklenburg )
by nicole
Q: How can I find out when something will be on my food stamp card in Winston Salem, NC Thanksgiving will be here soon and I don't have anything on my card yet!!
by Chill
Q: Any idea how behind the EBT is in Iredell county? The voice mail of my worker says they are running 3-4 months behind. However, we are now 4 months and 1 week behind and no word on what will happen next! I cannot believe that no one seems to care about families and especially kids going hungry! Especially now, so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas! I never thought they would let this go on this long with no end in sight! (Iredell )
by Mary in Statesville
Q: did not get my food stamps on the 17th... is there a delay in our food stamps coming to our ebt card? (Union )
by penni
Q: how can as local bbq business (Blue Ridge BBQ) be serving homegrown pork that is not usda inspected, be reported to the local health department and still be running a business out of a trailer and still serviing to the pulic? Their business on main st was closed due to legal issues but not cited for the meat infractions of unispected meat and meat not prepared in a commercial kitchen. how bad does it have to be before someting is dne...a massive illness from the pork they serve? (Haywood )
by concerned
Q: Has anyone actually gotten a person to answer how long the delays are? Just wondering if checking our EBT balance everyday is even worth it? (Iredell )
by mykidsrbbj
A: We were due June 13th and finally recieved EBT on November 15th.
by Mary in Statesville
Q: I haven't recieved my food stamps card yet its been 11 days
by asandww
A: Good luck I've been without food stamps in 3 months
by jad
Q: Is Johnston County EBT effected because I don't see any Johnston Co. people on this page? (Johnston )
by Joe Hungry
Q: I sent in re-certification for Food Stamps application and have not heard from anyone in a month. (Randolph )
by Concerned
Q: Why the heck dies the Goverment or the social service warn us about the glitches in the system that they know will cause delays. We may be able to plan ahead instead of one day be shocked to have no food. I live in Transylvania county NC . I had to recertify for Foodstamps for this month, Oct. which I did as fast as I got the paper work, I turned it in. I dud not receive the usual letter of approval. Today is the 7th of Oct my card has zero balance. It should have been deposited on the 5th. I have a severeral disabled medically fragile child who I am the sloe caregiver of. Opi have stayed at home and took care of him, I can't work outside the home. Before he became disabled I worked several jobs. His meducaud has also been messed up since July the 1st. Because of the new N.C tracks software program, he's 9 and they have him listed as adult cap instead of cap c. For children. I struggle everyday now the worry of from the ignorance of our Goverment, thank you n.C Governer you knew this was going to happen and you pushed for it to all go live, and iron out the glitches later. Of course that does not affect you and your family. Disgusted in our politicians, they have out the USA to shame in so many areas.
by Kaye
Q: Killer bees
by Luis
Q: when will we be getting our food stamps. Its been months???
by TEL
Q: Rabies clinic free (Sampson )
by worrief
by Hungry1
Q: I am 7 weeks without food stamps in Wake County & am frustrated with the delay. Is 7 weeks normal or should I be concerned? (Wake )
by Worried
Q: when will the delay in food stamps be over for Iredell county NC
by mkh
Q: Why have I not received any food stamps this month? (Harnett )
by qween
Q: If my 4 year old has been diagnosed with Hand,mouth and foot disease is there anywhere in the county or state I should notify? I have already notified his daycare. (Cumberland )
by ConcernedMom
A: you should get another opinion because they told me my son had the same thing when he was young his hands and feet was peeling deep I got another opinion and found it wasn't that it was an elergic reaction to cefzil antibiotic the symtoms are alike
by belinda
Q: will I EVER GET MY FOOD STAMPS. I have been waiting for 2 weeks now.
by mkh
Q: is there a delay on ebt card (Lincoln )
by anonymous
Q: Does anyone know how long of a delay it is for the food stamps in Wake county? I'm going on 3 months and still waiting.... (Wake )
by bellblu
Q: I have there kids and two grandkids when am I gonna recurve Mt foodstamps (Iredell )
by angrymom
A: I wish I knew! We recertified in June. We should have got ebt on July 13th. I called and they said 2-3 wks. Then, after 3 weeks, I called and they said a month. I called after the full month, and the recording says 1 &1/2 months. They just keep adding time! My husband is disabled and we have 4 kids. You can try the local food banks, but it really is not enough. Pray that they get their act together...SOON!!!
by Momof4
Q: rabies clinic (Rowan )
by anonymous
Q: has anyone still waiting for their food stamps in cabarrus county 04/05/13 (Cabarrus )
by anonymous
Q: How many wild hogs are killed in Hyde Co. each year?
by Mike
Q: overdose deaths (Ashe )
by rena
Q: Do yo have the kinship navigator program tlc (Union )
by tlc
Q: Operation fan relief (Clay )
by pam
Q: Do we have feral hogs in Alleghany county? (Alleghany )
by Spurlin

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Latest Health News
GOP candidates make their cases to party faithful at Craven forum
Washington, North Carolina
Greg Brannon, standing, a physician and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, tells the audience why he believes he is best qualified for office.
April 21 2014
McIntyre's retirement opens door for GOP in NC 7th
Lumberton, North Carolina
With McIntyre announcing his retirement after nine terms representing North Carolina's 7th Congressional district, Rouzer is back on the ballo.    
April 21 2014
Democrat's retirement opens door for GOP in NC 7th
Smithfield, North Carolina
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Two years ago, Republican David Rouzer lost to Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre by just 654 votes - a razor-thin margin of 0.2 percent among the nearly 337,000 ballots cast. With McIntyre announcing his retirement after nine terms representing North Carolina's 7th Congressional district, ...
April 20 2014
Hit and miss -
North Carolina
Officials with the Public Schools of Robeson County collectively hold their breath each year when the state releases information on the use of corporal punishment.
April 20 2014
A second resignation in inmate death case [updated Wednesday]
North Carolina
Update: Wednesday morning at 10:24: The N.C. Department of Public Safety announced this morning that five people have been fired in addition to the two resignations discussed in this story, for a total of seven correctional employees.
April 20 2014
Transylvania, Romania donates to county school children
North Carolina
Transylvania County Schools’ “Back Pack Buddies Program” received a $2,500 boost from a health bar company in a Romanian region that shares the North Carolina county’s name.
April 20 2014
Heather Grant brings military mentality to US Senate campaign
Comfort, North Carolina
US Senate candidate Heather Grant says the military taught her to be a problem-solver, and that it's a trait the public should expect from its elected representatives. Click to Continue »
April 20 2014
School defibrillator saves Gray's Creek High coach's life
Cumberland, North Carolina
The staff at a Cumberland County high school recently passed a life-and-death test.
April 20 2014
West Bladen's Gaye Davis named Spirit of Sport Award winner
Davis, North Carolina
Gaye Davis of West Bladen High School is the fourth annual recipient of the North Carolina Spirit of Sport Award presented by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.
April 20 2014
Navigating the political stripes of the Haywood commissioners’ race
Evergreen, North Carolina
Three Haywood County commissioners running for re-election this year are standing on their track record of balanced leadership from the center of the political spectrum.
April 20 2014
Complex process slows response to abuse at adult facilities
Council, North Carolina
Fines are often piled upon adult care homes for a variety of infractions that put residents at risk of injury or even death
April 20 2014
Regulators say 'due process' is necessary in shutting down adult care facilities
Council, North Carolina
Assisted living facilities go through layers of checks and balances from start
April 20 2014
Coal ash unmonitored in fill sites across N.C.
Charlotte, North Carolina
Coal ash is scattered across Charlotte in places where ground needed leveling or gullies needed filling. Duke once sold ash to dispose of its waste – and a liability.
April 20 2014
'A gift from heaven': NC pays millions to help crime victims
Wilson, North Carolina
When Dick Adams' son was murdered two days before Christmas 1982, the emotional burden was accompanied by a financial one - the unanticipated funeral expenses for a 21-year-old. In the nearly 32 years since his son's murder, Adams has worked to help other crime victims and their families get millions of dollars from the state to help with funeral expenses, medical bills, lost wages and counseling.
April 20 2014
Three seek nomination for Dist. 3
Wilson, North Carolina
This report is part of a series of candidates’ statements in contested races in this year’s general election. Voting day for the primary is Tuesday, May 6.
April 20 2014
Don Jones retiring from Education Foundation
Henderson, North Carolina
After more than a decade of dedicating himself to the educational needs of the community, Don Jones is retiring from his position of executive director of the Henderson County Education Foundation.
April 19 2014
Robeson among last holdoutsin use of corporal punishment
North Carolina
LUMBERTON — If you are a student who was paddled in a public school in North Carolina during the 2012-13 school year, there is a 70 percent chance you live in Robeson County.
April 19 2014
City considers immigrant-friendly policies
Charlotte, North Carolina
A new Charlotte City Council effort to boost growth by creating more immigrant-friendly policies has quickly become caught up in the debate over immigration reform.
April 19 2014
Sterilization victims asked to come forward
North Carolina
The state is asking victims of the 1933 Eugenics Board come forward to be compensated after North Carolina doctors wrongfully sterilized them.
April 19 2014
NC reduces backlog on food-stamp applications enough to meet federal standards
Bailey, North Carolina
The U.S. Agriculture Department informed state health officials Tuesday they have made enough progress on eliminating a large backlog of...
April 18 2014
GOP commissioner candidates gear up for primary
Boone, North Carolina
Five Republicans, including three incumbents, are seeking their party's nomination in the May 6 primary for four seats open on the Davidson County Board of Commissioners.
April 18 2014
State evaluation reveals several deficiencies at Wilkes County DSS
North Carolina
WILKES COUNTY, N.C. — The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has released a six-page evaluation report that...
April 18 2014
Mousa Alshanteer: We need another North Carolina Fund
North Carolina
About 50 years ago, North Carolina Gov. Terry Sanford employed a unique approach to combat the state’s growing poverty epidemic, an approach which has unfortunately been neglected in contemporary efforts to address poverty within the state.
April 18 2014
North Carolina flu deaths reach 100
North Carolina
State health officials say 100 people have died from flu in North Carolina this season.
April 18 2014
Combat vets battle an enemy within: Addiction
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
The first time Pearson Crosby went to the methadone clinic at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center in early 2013, he asked his father to go with him.
April 18 2014
Combat veterans battle an enemy within: Addiction
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
In 12 years after 9/11, prescriptions of four primary opiate painkillers - oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, and methadone - rose 270 percent at VA hospitals, according to internal VA records obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting.
April 18 2014
Food stamp backlog still costs NC governments
North Carolina
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Meeting deadlines set by federal regulators to eliminate North Carolina's backlog of food stamp applications still came with a cost to state and local governments.
April 18 2014
Sheriff race features three candidates
Thomasville, North Carolina
Sheriff David Grice has two challengers in the Republican primary, one of whom claims he has enough supporters to beat the incumbent on May 6.
April 18 2014
Drug addiction levies high price on society
Marion, North Carolina
Kathleen Bakker was familiar with reading news about increased abuse of prescription medicines. Like many others, she’d formed an image in her mind of the other people that happened to, but in 2008, that image morphed into that of her only daughter.
April 18 2014
Women's basketball Final Four loaded with stars
Nashville, North Carolina
The women's basketball Final Four features Hall of Fame coaches, star players, fabulous freshmen and of course for the first time ever - two undefeated teams.
April 18 2014
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